The Catholic Case for Joe Biden

“My idea of self, of family, of community, of the wider world comes straight from my religion.”

Reelect President Joe Biden

The positions of the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party are easily the most consistent with Catholic Social Teaching.

Leadership in Compassion and Dignity

Catholic Democrats are at the vanguard of addressing American and global issues from a moral and ethical perspective.

Faith and Decency

Helping solve the broad range of problems confronting all Americans and the global community.

Connecting with The People

As only the second Roman Catholic President of the United States after JFK, Joe Biden represents a historic bond between Catholics and the Democratic Party, which has long been a champion of immigrants from around the world – including Irish, Germans, Italians, Vietnamese, and Central and South Americans.

Vote Biden/Harris in 2024

Support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as a matter of devotion to the best interests of America and all Americans.

All photos in public domain. Official White House Photos by Adam Schultz. Nancy Pelosi & Pope Francis by Office of U.S. House Speaker.